We use a cell-based assay to detect binding of patient serum (images B/E) to the expressed antigen (images A/D). Serum and antigen are tagged with fluorescent markers to allow for detection and co-localisation in positive cases (image C) under a fluorescence microscope

Cell-based assay of an antibody positive (A-C) and control (D-F) cat
For vets wishing to submit a sample, please use this submission form →

We aim to confirm autoantibody results within a maximum of three weeks of sample receipt, although we hope this will sooner for most cases.

We are only able to accept serum and serum clot or whole blood (for additional study investigations) from feline blood samples drawn as part of necessary veterinary care, and where the sample is residual after the completion of diagnostic testing (Royal Veterinary College ethics URN 2020 1957-2).

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